Laid Off

So I found out on Monday that I will be laid off next Friday, August 12.  Apparently the money that was paying for my position/contract at corporate ran out and they can’t find any somewhere else.  Because the plant is laying off people as well they can’t afford to hire me on fulltime.  So… I’m back to looking for a job again.  I’ve notified the contacts I have with the various staffing agencies I’ve worked with before and hopefully I’ll find something quickly.

I’ve started looking more intently at getting some certifications… I’ve been told that Security+ and Linux+ are two that are in high demand right now and fortunately they are both certifications I’ve been looking at getting anyways.  Now I have greater motivation to apply myself and study so I can pass the exams the first time.

If you know of a company or position that I should look at or apply for please pass them along: computerdave at yahoo dot com.

Marriage in the US

There’s a lot of debate going on in the US right now about granting gay marriage the same privileges as same-sex couples.  My question is: why is it even an issue?  When was marriage defined so that it excluded gay couples from the benefits enjoyed by same-sex couples?  Just because their marriages weren’t necessarily recognized by a church?

The argument that gay marriage erodes marriage for everyone else is just absurd.  If two people love each other then who’s to stand in their way if they wish to get married?  Who cares if they are both men or both women?  I don’t see how two people loving each other in New York can have any affect on the ability of two other people in California, or anywhere else, to love each other.  If this country was founded on equality for all then why do we have so many restrictions on who we can be with?

Big Girl Bed

Megan’s first night was a success. Only problem was that she was up at 7am this morning knocking on her door.  Not a problem, she fell asleep with Dave in our bed.  I managed to escape and get much needed coffee around 830.  We are pretty sure she slept on her bed the entire night rather than on the floor.  She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of playing when she gets up yet so her room was still in order.  Hopefully in a few days she will play in her room as she did in her crib.

Once we get her room and closet redone we will post before and after shots for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Accident update

Dave’s accident claim has been moving slow as molasses!!  I finally got to talk to our agent and she explained why.  Turns out the three people in the car each had injuries of their own.  I was told two broken noses and one had an intestinal laceration that required surgery.  However, they are all home and doing well now.  Our insurance company is waiting for the driver to call back with her statement.  Because the light was yellow for both parties it makes the claim more complicated.  Also Alabama has a contributory negligence law that states if both parties are found to contribute even 1% to the accident, both parties take care of their own.  Our insurance company is going to fight for the contributory negligence so we potentially won’t have to pay out for their injuries or car.  Hopefully we will hear sometime next week as to the final decision by our insurance company.