Calmness…and Things to Come

After a very long year, well 10 months, of stress, worry, uncertainty, loss, depression, joy, and all the other emotions one can imagine, things are looking more stable and brighter for the moment and the foreseeable future.  Dave started his current job three weeks ago and by all reports from Dave he has been shining brightly and has been more than exceptional in the eyes of his coworkers and his boss.  Dave seems to really enjoy what he is doing and has said many times he looks forward to going to work everyday and the days seem to fly by rather drag on for ever.  He is excited about current and future projects as well as expanding his knowledge base.  He is currently study to take the Linux+ certification exam sometime in October.  He and I both feel his passing the test and getting this certification would clinch his position at Baron Services (; his current employer).

Megan has turned into a clingy, wants to be with, very involved in everything little girl.  It is by no means a bad thing, just a new phase that we have had to adjust to.  She is a mini clean freak (Mommy’s proud :D) and picks up after herself and cleans up messes she makes.  She will not let something go undone without throwing a fit making getting out of the house a potential chore.  However clingy she is she is still very independent and strong willed.  She is starting to say more and more words rather than “Meganese” and has started to say “thank you”, “bless you”, and the occasional “please” with her voice rather than sign language.  The best part is that she will say them without a cue.  She is absorbing information like a sponge and can identify more and more objects and pictures every day.  Oh, and she has grown probably 2 inches since the beginning of September.  She is still in her protein kick so she could be continuing to grow rapidly for a little while longer.

As for me, well, I am learning to relax and not stress and worry as much.  My groups are back up and meeting since the school year started.  Megan and I go to a Mommy and Me group on Wednesdays and a Mom’s group on Thursdays.  I have made some wonderful friends in these groups.  These Ladies have helped me through so much in the past year and have really been my rock.  These groups are where I can ask “stupid” questions and get several Moms that have or are going through the same things and share their remedies/suggestions.  These two groups have been a huge source of information and venting opportunity for me and I would hope for those other Ladies involved also.

Dave and I have started doing dinners with friends of ours.  One of the Ladies from both Wed. and Thurs. group wishes to learn new cooking techniques and recipes and Dave kindly said he would help in her process.  We had her and her family over for dinner last weekend and made homemade pizza…so tasty!!  She took a roll of pizza dough with her and made her own pizza the next day at home with much success.  We are going to their house in a few weeks and she will cook for us :D.  This is so nice, to share a meal and pass along knowledge and techniques is such a wonderful thing.  I am hoping to include another friend of ours whose husband is currently training in some field in a tent preparing for a one year deployment.  While she is a mother of 4 all under the age of 4, alone with no second pair of hands, a night to not have to cook or plan dinner would hopefully be a welcomed event.  We are not sure how long or the frequency of these get togethers yet, but I sure do look forward to our next one 😀

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