Now What?!?!?!

Mom’s out there…Megan is bored with her toys and is starting to get
in more trouble. She is 20 months, doesn’t say many “English” words but
will talk your ear off, and wants to do, do, do. Any suggestions??????

She has mastered puzzled, wooden blocks, legos, and coloring to name a few.  Once she masters something she gets bored and moves on.  TRU and BRU and everywhere else is seriously lacking in educational toys for 18-36 month kids that doesn’t require batteries.  The other thing is that we prefer non plastic toys, batteries required is a no-no (for the most part), and she still puts things in her mouth to chew on them so no small parts, sand, dirt, soap, etc.  I spent 1.5 hours at TRU today with my Mom (Cherie ‘Whitten’ Byrne) and found very little that was appropriate for Megan that didn’t require batteries.  Very frustrating!!

We did get a few things for her at TRU.  One of them was a set of fruit
and vegetables that had velcro so one could cut them apart with a
plastic knife.  After Dave showed her how it worked she was all over it
and an expert in about 4 minutes flat…no joke, I timed it.  I was
hoping this would take a little bit of time to grasp, but yet again, she
proved me wrong.

She absorbs everything we tell her like a sponge.  She will correctly point to various stuffed animals when asked “where is (fill in the blank)?”.  I have a hard time teaching shapes, colors, numbers, and letters to a child who doesn’t sit still for more than 2 nano seconds, yet she proves to me that she is learning, she just can’t speak back yet.

Megan is also close to potty training, but again, I have a hard time teaching a toddler to potty train when she doesn’t speak yet.  Don’t get me wrong, she does have some sign language she uses so we are not totally lost.  And she does know the sign for bathroom she just says it after the fact.

Ok, thanks for reading.  I think I am done venting for now.

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