Maine Trip

We had an amazing time in Maine a few weeks ago.  It was a much needed change of scenery and the cooler temps and nice ocean breeze was a nice bonus.  The beach house my MIL rented was right on the beach.  There was a set of stairs that went down to the water.  It was a rocky beach and not a sand beach but it was just as nice to go down while the tide was going out to see the sea life and check out the rocks.  Megan held her first snail and got her first sniff of seaweed and ocean spray.

We also found a nice secluded inlet sand beach while we were up north.  Megan had a blast!  She played in the sand and the tiny waves that came in as boats went by.  The water was icy cold so I didn’t go in but Bethany was brave and sat in the water and let Megan play around her.

It was a very nice relaxing few days for Dave and I.  It has been a stressful time this past year for us so the new location, the presence of family, and some much needed sleeping in and down time was such a blessing.  We were also able to get some shoes for Megan from StrideRite during their BOGO 50% off sale at the outlets so we got two pair of shoes for the price of one here in town.

The picture uploading part of this blog is not functioning as it should right now, but, once it is back up and running I will load some pictures of our trip.

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