So there have been some parenting moments that I have looked back on and said to myself, “stupid”, or “makes sense now”, or “how did I miss that?”. But last jght was the first night I looked back on and said “bonehead, it was so clear why didn’t you see it?!”. So here is the story…

Megan was all stuffy and cranky for most of the day so her nap was short and bed time came early. At bed time we took her upstairs, bathed her and went to get her in her jamis. Dave brought some fleece ones with feet and I said that would be to hot. So he came back with a short sleeved onesy. I got her dressed and read to her and then tucked her in for the night. An hour later she was screaming her head off. I was tired, so I brought her into my room and she calmed down in our bed. After about 2 hours she was still not settling and going to sleep but moving all over the place and kicking me. So Dave put her back in her bed and she fell asleep. After about an hour she was up again. This pattern followed until 6am this morning. At which point Dave went in and saw her sitting up in her bed shivering. Dave asked her if she was cold and she said yes. Once we figured that out and got her calmed down and warmed up in our bed things went a little better.

Once we figured it out it was like a slap to the face. All the signs were there we just didn’t see them. Bonehead bonehead bonehead!!!

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