Thank You!!!

With the way Megan is growing, we are very thankful for all the clothing everyone has sent us over the months.  Whether hand me downs (which are AWESOME!!!) or new clothes.  We are finally getting to some of the super cute things we got over the last several months.

Also thankful it is shorts weather and we don’t need to worry about pant length.  Megan is in 18 month clothing for pants and 12-18 for tops.  Just got a bunch of 24/2T sleepers for her at the Tanner Outlets at Carters for a steal!!  I was so happy to find those.  Will be getting fleece sleepers once they hit Sams/Costco in October-ish.  She is pretty well set for the summer.  I am now looking into the Fall/Winter clothes that aren’t out yet.  Once they are out I will be buying 24/2T sizes.

Oh, and if anyone out there would like to loan/give their used clothing to Megan to get more use out of them, let me know!!!  I can always give them back in a few months if you want them back.  And there has not been one stain I haven’t been able to get out.  Good thing too, Megan would have a much smaller wardrobe 😀

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