Laid Off

So I found out on Monday that I will be laid off next Friday, August 12.  Apparently the money that was paying for my position/contract at corporate ran out and they can’t find any somewhere else.  Because the plant is laying off people as well they can’t afford to hire me on fulltime.  So… I’m back to looking for a job again.  I’ve notified the contacts I have with the various staffing agencies I’ve worked with before and hopefully I’ll find something quickly.

I’ve started looking more intently at getting some certifications… I’ve been told that Security+ and Linux+ are two that are in high demand right now and fortunately they are both certifications I’ve been looking at getting anyways.  Now I have greater motivation to apply myself and study so I can pass the exams the first time.

If you know of a company or position that I should look at or apply for please pass them along: computerdave at yahoo dot com.

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