Monthly Archives: June 2011

What a day!

Man… started with a dead hard drive… now the A/C in the server room quit and there’s a storm outside.  What’s next?  Spent all day working on rebuilding the system the hard drive died in and then trying to get some wireless devices that connect to our CNC lathes to work with our inhouse wireless instead of the vendor’s wireless so we can connect to them from anywhere.

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Meriah came to visit for Memorial Day this year and we all had such a good time.  So, without further adoo, here are some pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

Daddy and MeganDaddy and Megan hanging out at the table.

Mommy and MeganMommy and Megan

Megan with Marni and GranddadMegan with Marni and Granddad

Meriah and MeganMeriah and Megan

We all had a really fun weekend catching up and hangin’ out.  Meriah captured so many cute pictures there are just too many to post.  Plus I have to do them individually until I find another way to do it in batches if such a thing exists in this new software I have to learn.