Monthly Archives: June 2011

Accident update

Dave’s accident claim has been moving slow as molasses!!  I finally got to talk to our agent and she explained why.  Turns out the three people in the car each had injuries of their own.  I was told two broken noses and one had an intestinal laceration that required surgery.  However, they are all home and doing well now.  Our insurance company is waiting for the driver to call back with her statement.  Because the light was yellow for both parties it makes the claim more complicated.  Also Alabama has a contributory negligence law that states if both parties are found to contribute even 1% to the accident, both parties take care of their own.  Our insurance company is going to fight for the contributory negligence so we potentially won’t have to pay out for their injuries or car.  Hopefully we will hear sometime next week as to the final decision by our insurance company.

Gross, gross, gross!!

Man what a nasty day weather-wise!  It’s been raining pretty much since I got to work today!  Looks like it will clear out before I leave, and be nice until Sunday when the next threat of rain is forecast.  Been busy working on prepping another batch of computers to get shipped back to the lease company.  My head is hurting from trying to keep them all straight so that we make sure we have enough new computers to refresh the ones that need it as well as meet the demands of the plant for new computers as they keep hiring more and more people.

The van is in the shop for some bodywork.  They guy that I would normally ask for a ride home is out sick today so Erin will have to pick me up.  We’re borrowing Erin’s parent’s van until we get ours back on Friday, but Erin wanted to not drive it that much to keep miles off it… that may be easier said than done if I can’t get a ride from someone at work.

Next week I’ll be on my own the whole week since the guy I work with is taking vacation.  I may take only Monday off and work a half-day on Tuesday since I’m not eligible for holiday
pay as a contractor.  Hopefully things are quiet, but I’m not betting on it… they’re starting to tear down some offices in PTFE and we’re trying to figure out if we will need to bring the outside contractor in that does the network wiring in the event that the cubicle guys mess up the wiring or damage the cables and they need to be replaced.  That will be a long week if the cables get damaged and people can’t work in the offices because of it.  We’re ordering more USB wireless adapters, but not sure if they’ll be here in time in the event we need them.

Thank You!!!

With the way Megan is growing, we are very thankful for all the clothing everyone has sent us over the months.  Whether hand me downs (which are AWESOME!!!) or new clothes.  We are finally getting to some of the super cute things we got over the last several months.

Also thankful it is shorts weather and we don’t need to worry about pant length.  Megan is in 18 month clothing for pants and 12-18 for tops.  Just got a bunch of 24/2T sleepers for her at the Tanner Outlets at Carters for a steal!!  I was so happy to find those.  Will be getting fleece sleepers once they hit Sams/Costco in October-ish.  She is pretty well set for the summer.  I am now looking into the Fall/Winter clothes that aren’t out yet.  Once they are out I will be buying 24/2T sizes.

Oh, and if anyone out there would like to loan/give their used clothing to Megan to get more use out of them, let me know!!!  I can always give them back in a few months if you want them back.  And there has not been one stain I haven’t been able to get out.  Good thing too, Megan would have a much smaller wardrobe 😀

Check up time!!

Megan had her 18 month check today and she grew 2 inches in the past 3 months!!!  She has grown faster in the past 3 months than she has in the past so it bumped her up to the 70th percentile for height.  She is still tracking steadily in the 15th percentile for weight.  Megan is also trying to mimic more and more sounds and words everyday.  Dave had french fries with dinner last night and he asked Megan if she wanted another french fry and Megan said “fra fra”!!!  No cuing or prompting from anyone, just all on her own.  And today she was trying to say a bunch of words and was getting them pretty close.  May not be too much longer before she has a varied vocabulary.  Some words would be nice!!!  The sign language is great but doesn’t work so well when I can’t see her.

Weekend in TN

Erin, Megan, and I spent the weekend in TN with Erin’s folks at her aunt and uncle’s cabin in the Smokey Mountains.  It was a nice trip, took a little longer than usual to get there because of a disabled semi on the highway.

We vegged most of the time and on Sunday connected up with Dan’s sister Katy and her son Justus for a little visit.  Haven’t seen her since Dan’s wedding and it was neat to meet her son.  Hopefully next time her husband Walter will be able to get together with us.

We had a nice time, but a weekend is just too short; we’ll have to plan it better next time so we can spend more time just lounging about. 🙂